Blue Translucent Glitter 7 Dice Set by HD Dice


Although this set of 7 dice are called blue I would call it teal or turquoise, they have glitter and gold ink. They’re like a blue/green jade and would make lovely jewelry.

For those of you playing D&D they are perfect for an exotically coloured half-orc paladin.  For other roleplay and tabletop games they might suit a character who spends a long time holidaying in the mediteranean seas.

These dice are made by HD Dice and are referred to as Blue Translucent Glitter 7 Dice Set part of their Translucent Glitter line of polyhedral dice.

  • Set of 7 polyhedral dice
  • Contains D20, D12, D00, D10, D8, D6, D4

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