Passion Fruit Layered 7 Dice Set by HD Dice


This set of 7 passion fruit dice are a tropical layering of yellow, orange and dark pink with silver ink and black glitter for the seeds. These are the Tequila Sunrise of the dice world and look fantastic and sunny whenever they come out.

For those of you playing D&D they are perfect for any halfling alchemist mixing cocktails or a tabaxi barbarian. They would make for an excellent sunset in any desert RPG setting or something nice to brighten up the grittiness of some cyberpunk.

These dice are made by HD Dice and, along with Watermelon and Kiwi are part of a range of fruit dice sets they are producing.

  • Set of 7 polyhedral dice
  • Contains D20, D12, D00, D10, D8, D6, D4

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